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Manobhav Verma


Performance Management (PM)-

Anushka Jain

Corporate and Business Law (LW)-

Vishal Pal

This paper falls under the Applied Skills exams and builds on existing knowledge and understanding and develop strong, broad and practical finance skills required of future strategic professional accountant in any sector or industry

The objective of this paper is to develop your skills in management accounting techniques. You will learn how to apply this knowledge to quantitative and qualitative data for the purposes of planning, decision-making, and evaluating performance.

Section 1 : Managing Information, Information System & Data Analytics

Section 2 : Costing Techniques & ABC Costing

Section 3 : Target Costing, Life Cycle Costing & Throughput Costing

Section 4 : Environmental Accounting & CVP Analysis

Section 5 : Limiting Factor Analysis & Pricing Decisions

Section 6 : Pricing Decisions, Short Term Decisions

Section 7 : Risk & Uncertainty

Section 8 : Sensitivity Analysis & Budgetary Systems

Section 9 : Quantitative Analysis in Budgeting & Budgeting and Standard Costing

Section 10 : Analysis & Planning & Operation Variances

Section 11 : Performance Analysis & Behavioral Aspects

Section 12 : Performance Measurement

Section 13 : Divisional Performance & Further Aspects

Section 14 : Mock Exam