About EA

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).As an enrolled agent you will be able to prepare tax returns, represent clients before IRS, have unlimited representation rights, appeal for clients in front of IRS and advice clients on tax implications based on their business transactions.

How can one become Enrolled Agent?

To become Enrolled Agent student has to either:

  1. Clear three-part comprehensive IRS examination
    •  PART 1 : Individuals
    •  PART 2 : Businesses
    •  PART 3 : Representation, Practices, and Procedures

    Candidates can appear for exam in any order and each exam has 100 multiple-choice questions.

  1. IRS Experience

    Candidates worked at the IRS for five consecutive years in a position that regularly engages in applying and interpreting the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations

Why Choose Enrolled Agent?

  • Highest Credential awarded by Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Gets you Federal License from US Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to practise US Taxation
  • Expand your existing tax practice
  • Get an opportunity to work with Big4, SCC’s, MNC’s, etc.
  • Recession proof career
  • Only eligibility criteria is to be minimum 18 years of age to pursue EA

As an Enrolled Agent (EA) one can

  • Prepare tax returns
  • Represent clients before the IRS in examination, collections, appeals
  • Gift and Estate tax Consulting
  • Assist Organisations with Employment tax obligations
  • Assist in organisations with payment plans

About EA curriculum

  • ALL 3 Papers are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) only
  • Exams can be taken in any order
  • Exams conducted in India
  • Exams conducted throughout the year, except 2 months (March and April)
  • No prior qualification required

Career Opportunities after Enrolled Agent

Work as Tax Practitioner with Big 4 accounting firms

Expand practice to United States of America

Work with taxation departments of BPO’s & KPO’s

Work with US-based multinationals in India e.g. Amazon

Work with Indian companies with presence in US e.g. Wipro, Infosys and Reliance

Work with Shared Service Centers and F&A Companies

Why Choose VGLD for EA Program?

  • 90+ hours of Live online classroom training from industry experts
  • NEVER MISS A CLASS, watch class anywhere anytime
  • Surgent Review course with 96% pass rate
  • Textbooks and Flashcards
  • 1800+ Multiple Choice Questions
  • Up-to-date IRS Publications
  • Unlimited Practice Exams

Exam Sections

  • Preliminary Work with Taxpayer Data - 17 questions
  • Income and Assets - 21 questions
  • Deductions and Credits - 21 questions
  • Taxation and Advice - 14 questions
  • Specialized Returns for Individuals – 12questions
  • Business Entities – 28 questions
  • Business Financial Information – 39 questions
  • Specialized Returns and Taxpayers Individuals – 18 questions

Representation, Practices & Procedures
  • Practices and Procedures – 25 questions
  • Representation before the IRS – 24 questions
  • Specific Types of Representation – 19 questions
  • Filing Process – 17 questions

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