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ACCA - The Road to a Promising Career!

Students in the process of completing their school finals are usually placed in a predicament in choosing their favoured paths of education. Their primary instincts may clash with their wisdom as it may not match the current requirements of career advancement in a depreciating world economy. The surge towards science and engineering has peaked and sources reveal that the economies of advanced nations are consolidating on their resources dampening the aspirations of energetic youth from within and overseas. The slowdown in the world economy has also put some brakes on research, technology, and manufacturing forcing the youth of today to look for careers other than science, engineering and technology.

ACCA in Singapore

Most Singaporeans prefer to start their careers in Chartered Accountancy by training with institutes of SCA, which has now been coined CPA Singapore. However, this trend is of late being overtaken by professionals who are seeking to qualify the ACCA program which is far more convenient and facile in being professionally fit and employment ready.

ACCA - A Global Perspective

The ACCA program trains its professionals to keep track and upgrade skills required by the global employer with ample rewards in making it a highly engaging and profitable career. The ACCA pro remains a busy-bee, keeping track of tasks on a constantly varying basis as they move more into strategic decision making roles in the domain of business finance. These are the apt pros who are invested with initiative and creative methods to innovate the requirements of the industry for proven performance.