Frequently asked questions

What is ACCA?

- ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants !

- It is a UK based accountancy body which is over 100 years old

- It is globally recognised accounting qualification

Where is ACCA recoqnised?

- ACCA is recognised in 170+ countries including UK, UAE, Singapore etc.

Where are ACCA jobs available?

- ACCA jobs are available across the globe !

- Choose your desired country from the link below and check -

How many total papers are there in ACCA ?

- A total of 13 papers are there in ACCA spread across 3 levels

Is there any aggregation/grouping in ACCA ?

- No there is no aggregation/grouping in ACCA- you only need a flat 50% in each paper to pass !

Is there a fixed sequence of appearing for ACCA exams ?

- No, ACCA is completely flexible- you can appear for any paper within the level in any sequence !

How many times the ACCA exams are held in a year ?

- ACCA exams happen 4 times a year

- The 1st four exams are ON –Demand and can be given at any time without waiting for the quarter.

What makes you an ACCA member ?

- Completing 3 E’s of ACCA- Exams, EPSM and Experience makes you an ACCA member

How many years of experience(PER) is required ?

- 36 months of training is required in ACCA

Is CA Articleship recognised in ACCA PER ?

- Yes, CA Articleship is recognised as ACCA PER!

Can we start ACCA after 12th ?

- Yes, students can start their ACCA journey right after class XIIth !

Top 10 Companies in India that hire ACCA’s ?

- EY,PWC,Deloitte,Grant Thornton,BDO,Citibank,Protivity,Accenture,Sand Martin,Amazon

Careers after ACCA

- Accounting, Finance, Audit & Assurance, Taxation, Insolvency,Forensic Accounting and many more…


RecognisedOnly in IndiaRecognised in 180 countries
FlexibilityNo Flexibility, Need to give in predefined groupsComplete Flexibility, can choose any paper within the level
No of papersNeed to attempt all papers in the groupComplete Flexibility- can choose a minimum of 1 paper in the level
ExamFixed tenure of CPT(4 papers in a day!!!)Complete flexibility to choose first 4 exams as per own convenience
Frequency of ExamsTwice a yearFour times a year
Pass Rate40% Individual, 50% Aggregate Overall Passrate – 20%Flat 50% in all , No Aggregation Overall Passrate – 60%
Training2 ½ Years training compulsory before you can attempt final levelNo such requirement. Can do training at any time-Before, During, After completion( includes CA Articleship)


Too many MBA’s graduating every year with lack of Employable Skill SetACCA, on the other hand, has a hands-on approach where the students can deal with high level of practical content rather than just theoretical concept. This approach paves the way for students to master various interpersonal skills.
Focusing on irrelevant subjects like Marketing ,IT etc is a waste of time and effort on the part of studentsOn the contrary, ACCA goes to the depths of accountancy and finance, in order to let you gain enough knowledge in the accounting field.
Starting level is from lower level in companiesACCA's can attract more senior roles at managerial or director level which will attribute in accelerating their careers

Employability in India/ Placement Services

We assist students to secure high end jobs in the big fours (E&Y, PwC, Delloite, KPMG) and MNC’s. ACCA program opens up doors for diverse career opportunities like below:

Membership Agreements with other countries

ACCA has established mutual acknowledgment agreements with several key prestigious global accountancy bodies:

The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada

The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants

UAE– AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association)

CA Australia and New Zealand

These agreements render unsophisticated and inexpensive routes for ACCA members to become a member of their bodies and appreciate the services local organizations can offer.

Exam Time table

The ACCA Exams are held 4 times in a year, generally in the first week of March, June,September and December.

Exact date sheet is available at

Study Material for ACCA

ACCA has 2 Approved Content Providers: BPP and Kaplan.

ACCA books are easily available online.

We do not provide the Books in the registration fees but we do assist the students in where to place the order from.

What is PER?

As part of your journey to become a qualified ACCA member, you must demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a real work environment. This is what the PER (Practical Experience Requirement) is all about. What do you need to do?

To complete PER , you will need to:

achieve 36 months of supervised experience in a relevant accounting or finance role(s)

complete nine performance objectives (five Essentials and four Technical)

record your progress online in MyExperience

have your experience signed off by a practical experience supervisor.

ACCA Salaries in India

The salary ranges from 4 lac to 14 lac depending upon the candidates skills and companies demand. Fresh Graduates earn around 4 lac(which is same for a CA) while the average salary is around 8 lac. There will be an increase in average salary in future as the demand for ACCA qualified candidates is on a steady rise.

What is 88Learns’s accreditation in ACCA ?

The salary ranges from 4 lac to 14 lac depending upon the candidates skills and companies demand. Fresh Graduates earn around 4 lac(which is same for a CA) while the average salary is around 8 lac. There will be an increase in average salary in future as the demand for ACCA qualified candidates is on a steady rise.

Does 88Learn provide any Scholarship for ACCA ?

- Yes, Scholarship upto Rs 88,000/- is available from 88Learn.

- Exemptions and Scholarships depend upon the your entry level Qualification in ACCA.

How many exemptions does a Qualified CA get in ACCA ?

- A Qualified CA gets 9 papers exemptions just leaving 4 papers to appear for !

- 88Learn provides Scholarship upto Rs 87,600/- for Qualified CA’s

How many exemptions does a CA IPCC student get ?

- A CA IPCC student may get UPTO 9 exemptions ( 5 on the basis on IPCC+ others)!

- 88Learn provides Scholarship upto Rs 56,200/- for CA IPCC students

How many exemptions are there for a B.Com graduate ?

- A B.Com graduate from recognised university may get up to 4 exemptions !

- 88Learn offers Scholarship upto Rs 43,100/- for B.Com graduates.

Can I start ACCA while in school ?

- Yes, students from Class 11, 12 Commerce can start with their ACCA journey with 88Learn and gain annual subscription waiver benefit for 2 years and free ACCA registration too.

Are ACCA classes online or offline ?

- ACCA classes from 88Learn are LIVE Online classes over the weekends with 100% back up.