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ACCA - A Global Perspective

ACCA - A Global Perspective

In this fast moving world economy one constant (or possibly enlarging) requirement remains – the role of the professional accountant. These individual contributors have multiple facets to their profession and influence the elements of the economy endlessly. They strike at the core of their profession with ever changing technologies taking global accountancy to the future. The continuous changes in the requirements of the global regulators of finance make the ACCA professional the accurate choice in global accountants.

The ACCA program trains its professionals to keep track and upgrade skills required by the global employer with ample rewards in making it a highly engaging and profitable career. The ACCA pro remains a busy-bee, keeping track of tasks on a constantly varying basis as they move more into strategic decision making roles in the domain of business finance. These are the apt pros who are invested with initiative and creative methods to innovate the requirements of the industry for proven performance.

ACCA has its reach to over 180 countries worldwide and its professionals are armed with knowledge and insights to form the world’s biggest network of skilled accountants in an environment that is constantly growing in size and stature.

ACCA trained professionals are in high demand in all these over 180 nations as even a world in economic depression constantly requires accountants who guard finance and economy. The ACCA program with its easy learning procedure allows the working accountant to raise himself to a higher platform with its easy learning procedure and even allows them towork as interns while they learn.

The ACCA intern and professional finds himself in high demand in countries like the Middle East and emerging Africa. They are also in high demand in the Commonwealth of Nations where ACCA has been the norm for Finance & Audit for more than a century. The global availability of such pros do not as per reports does not even match up to even 50 per cent of demand. In the past few decades ACCA has been placing qualified professionals in almost every industry worldwide and the demand has just kept growing and strives hard to keep pace with demand.