How Difficult is passing ACCA ? An honest review

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How Difficult is passing ACCA ? An honest review

How Difficult is passing ACCA ? An honest review

As we all know, ACCA is an internationally recognized qualification and clearing the ACCA exams makes you a Certified Chartered Accountant as well as you gain the ACCA membership. There are a lot of accounting qualifications like CIMA, CPA, but ACCA is more popular among the students because of the plethora of career opportunities it can offer you. That is why ACCA is called a global qualification that can unlock a million opportunities. 

How difficult is ACCA?

This question runs in the minds of a lot of students. But there is no typical straightforward answer to this question. With 14 papers to clear the exam, you need to put in your time and investment in order to clear the exam and become a qualified ACCA member. Though you have ten years to complete the course, most of the students complete the course at an average of four years. 

Once you clear the papers, you have a professional ethics module and you should also complete three years of professional experience. Depending on your previous qualifications, you will have exemptions in the fundamental level and this is valued by most of the students. Added to this, the ACCA course as such is flexible where there is no grouping of papers and you can learn the course from anywhere and in a convenient time.

The difficulty level of the exam totally depends on an individual’s previous qualifications, professional experience, level of sincerity and dedication towards the course. If you are new to accounting, you will have to put in extra hours of work in order to master the concepts. But this is why there is a diploma or foundation level where you can cover all the basics of accounting and gain a fundamental level of understanding of what ACCA is all about.

Plan your course of preparation :

The success of failure totally depends on your effort and how you plan your time accordingly. When it comes to the ACCA course, you have to be wise enough to choose your learning partner because you can even work and study part-time, where your expenses get covered by your employer. So experts such as Grant Thornton are involved in providing professionally trained faculty members to teach the subjects. 

You can also learn ACCA online from a lot of trusted online tuition platforms such as 88learn who has partnered with Grant Thornton to offer complete clarity of the concepts. As far as ACCA syllabus is concerned, it covers not only financial and accounting aspects, but also business management concepts, financial planning, strategic decision making, and so on. Thereby at the end of the course, you tend to become a holistic individual and employable. Plan your time accordingly and make sure you set your target as 3 or 4 years to complete the course. This will help you appear for the exams accordingly and also help you in speeding your preparation.

ACCA is not as difficult as you think or assume:

When going gets tough, the tough get going. This is one success formula many students who aspire to become a global chartered accountant follow. Your level of commitment and learning from the best study experts can lead you to success undoubtedly. Trust your capability and keep pushing yourself to exceed your expectations. Practice can help you master any topic, taking a lot of mock assessments, appearing for the quarterly exams, and so on can lead you only to completing the course with bright colours in almost a span of four years.