How can I do CA and ACCA simultaneously ?

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How can I do CA and ACCA simultaneously ?

How can I do CA and ACCA simultaneously ?

It is all about the mind :

If you have decided to do both CA and ACCA simultaneously, you have to choose the most optimum way to complete them. But seriously it is all about your way of looking at it and how you compliment your decision with the best available learning resources. Initially, you can begin with the CA, finish until IPCC and then simultaneously take up the ACCA course. 

This is really possible because ACCA is flexible when compared to the CA levels and there is no grouping involved in the levels. Once you finish the IPCC level, you will have a time frame of 2 years to do articles before you begin with the CA final and that is when you can start preparing for the ACCA

You will have some of the papers in common and that is only going to help you perform even better. But ACCA on a larger note is vast and inclusive of both finance and accounting and you also get to know a lot about managerial aspects of a business. It is you who have to ensure you do justice to both the papers and since you can learn the ACCA course online from industry experts like Grant Thornton, you will be in safe hands.

If you complete your IPCC, it will ease you from the fundamentals of ACCA and similarly, the professional level of ACCA will help you attempt CA final with more confidence. It is easier said than done and make sure you can give your fullest to both CA and ACCA. What is more important here is how strong and determined you are to take up both CA and ACCA is what is going to fetch you the results.

After your ACCA professional, you can take up the CA final and for both the qualification, three years of work experience can be counted and you are there at your final leap. Positive mindset and good mental health are essential to help you attain your dream. Keep your passion and desire strong and in the meanwhile never forget, consistency is the key to success.