Why do people fail in the CA exams ?

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Why do people fail in the CA exams ?

Why do people fail in the CA exams ?

Higher Difficulty level : 

it is a very well known fact that CA exams are the toughest of all accounting qualifications. In Spite of this known fact, many aspirants who are really passionate about becoming a chartered accountant strive hard and give their best to take up the profession. But the journey is not going to be a bed of roses as it involves super dedication, effort, patience, and determination to succeed.

Fear of failure : 

This is one crucial factor why many students are not able to continue their journey of becoming a CA. In fact it is also saddening to know that many even take fatal decisions due to their feeling of incompetence, low self-esteem, repeated failures in a group, and so on. Having a positive thought throughout the preparation process can help one go a long way.

Lack of proper training : 

Only dreams and passion cannot help a person achieve his or her goal. It is very essential to have all the proper resources required to help them in the learning process like a proper coaching institute, better tutors, learning material, question papers, and so on. As a CA aspirant one has to be prepared to explore all the areas of finance and accounting in order to come out with flying colours.

Uncertain pass percentages : 

Every year the pass percentage keeps varying and students are pushed to a stage where they have to wait longer to get their results. The pass percentage depends on the competition level, the difficulty level of the question paper, the number of students who have scored the minimum cutoff, and so on.

Peer and societal pressure : 

Self-comparison is the worst thing and especially when it comes to competitive exams it for sure adds a burden. Be it, parents or tutors, comparison with other aspirants can have a negative impact on a candidate and he might feel lost. Mental health is equally important when it comes to preparation for the CA exams.

Tiring process of preparation : 

Vast syllabus, level of understanding required, hours of strenuous efforts that have to go in, the amount of practice one has to do, all of them matter and that’s why becoming a CA is no joke.

Grouping and reattempting : 

This is yet another factor that causes many CA aspirants to fail. Lack of awareness regarding so many other alternative courses that might be a little flexible when compared to the CA exams can also contribute to the failure. Taking wise decisions before enrolling in a course is very important.