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Comparison between CA and ACCA

Comparison between CA and ACCA

CA and ACCA - a brief overview :

Chartered accountancy is undoubtedly one of the most coveted professions across the world. The CA exams that are administered by the ICAI are considered to be the toughest examinations of all. Once a candidate clears all the three levels of the CA course, he or she gets to work as a chartered accountant in any of the prestigious financial or accounting firms in India. But it is the preliminary responsibility of a student or an individual to decide how he wishes to carve his professional journey. 

If one has to tap into global opportunities and also become a globally acclaimed chartered accountant, then the ACCA course has to be the go-to choice. Earning an ACCA certification can do wonders to anyone who desires to pursue their financial career abroad. That's is why ACCA is called a global course that can lead to millions of opportunities. It is one course that is recognized in almost 170 countries worldwide and you can now make a guess about the prospects of your career.

Comparison between CA and ACCA :

Course duration: Both CA and ACCA require a lot of time and effort from the side of students and in spite of the levels of the exams both the courses have, it totally depends on an individual as to how fast he or she can clear a level and keep going forward.

Difficulty level: CA is considered to be the toughest because of its grouping of papers in each level and with fluctuating pass percentages every year. With respect to the ACCA course, there is no grouping and students can avail a lot of exemptions based on their previous qualifications and experience. Yet another biggest advantage with the ACCA course is that it can be pursued online and 88learn aims to offer the best ACCA course online ever.

Career prospects: ACCA is truly a global qualification with a lot of multinational organizations across the world accepting qualified ACCA professionals in their top managerial positions. Whenever one wants to tap the global market, ACCA is the go-to choice when it comes to financing and accounting. Wide range of career options for an ACCA member is chief financial officer, treasury officer, business analyst, tax consultant, subject matter expert, global chartered accountant, auditor, credit manager, financial advisor, and so on.