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Frequently asked questions on registering for an ACCA course

Frequently asked questions on registering for an ACCA course


Requirements for ACCA qualification: The minimum entry requirements for ACCA qualification are Two A - levels and Three GCSEs (or their equivalent) and they need to be in five separate subjects including English and maths. In case you feel your qualification is not eligible to start the ACCA qualification, you can always enrol for the Foundation level and earn a diploma, followed by which you can always begin your ACCA journey. If you possess relevant qualifications (a degree or a postgraduate), you are also entitled to certain exemptions from the course. Click here to Know More

Documents required to register for the course: Once you have decided that you are going to take up the ACCA course, you need to have a few documents handy as they would be the evidence of your eligibility. Once you are ready to register for the course online, you should submit proof of your qualifications such as distinguished awards, meritorious certificates, and so on, (documents supporting educational qualification) followed by proof of your identity such as birth certificate, passport, national ID, driving license, and then a passport-style photograph. Once you submit the essential documents, your application will be processed to the further level.

Duration of the course: In general the course takes a minimum of three years to complete and earn you the membership. Four exam sessions are conducted in a year and students can take four distinct exams in each session. However, you need to have three years of practical experience so that you can become a qualified ACCA member. It entirely depends on each student, how quickly one can learn and give away the exams and how dedicated they are to complete the qualification in the prescribed duration.

Scope of the ACCA qualification and its employability: ACCA is definitely the choice among employers of all the sectors as it is an internationally recognized qualification. ACCA as a course itself equips you with all required knowledge and makes you employable and a holistic individual. When you think about the scope of the qualification, the course is flexible and diverse so that you are able to fit into any top-level management (CFOs and Finance directors) of an organization without any hassles. Several organizations such as EY, Amazon, Pwc, Nestle, Deloitte, Standard Chartered Bank, and so on all seek qualified ACCA professionals for various roles. 

What exams should I take to complete the ACCA qualification?

As we all know, the number of ACCA aspirants has been increasing every year because of the huge career opportunities in finance and accounting in a lot of countries across the world. Moreover, those who are willing to be a part of the chartered accountant's forum, but have a global base, doing ACCA is the best decision they could ever take.

There are a lot of reputed institutions that offer ACCA courses online and one such institution is They have partnered with Grant Thornton and industrial experts from GT handle sessions for the ACCA exams. 

There are three levels in the ACCA course and they are:

  • Applied knowledge (3 papers)

  • Applied skills (6 papers)

  • Professional (4 papers )

Here is the list of ACCA subjects in each of the level and they are:

In the Applied Knowledge level:

  • Accountant in business

  • Management accounting

  • Financial accounting

In the Applied skills level the following are the list of subjects:

  • Corporate and business law

  • Performance management 

  • Taxation 

  • Financial reporting

  • Audit and assurance 

  • Financial management

The Professional level is split into two sub-levels and they are:

Essentials: - Strategic business leader

                     Strategic business reporting

Options and students have to pick two among the following:

  • Advanced financial management

  • Advanced performance management 

  • Advanced taxation 

  • Advanced Audit and assurance 

Since all their online classes are split into each level that is further divided into smaller sessions to provide complete clarity of the concepts, you will be left with a deep understanding of the subjects.

To know about the job profiles to take up after ACCA qualification - Visit Here

You can reach out to their experienced faculty in case of any doubts during their doubt clearing sessions and they will also ensure you follow the best strategies when it comes to answering the questions because you will have to approach the ACCA exams strategically. 88learn will undoubtedly be pivotal in determining your sweeping success in the ACCA course.