Comparison between ACCA and CPA, which is the best one to choose ?

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Comparison between ACCA and CPA, which is the best one to choose ?

Comparison between ACCA and CPA, which is the best one to choose ?

Whenever we think of an accounting qualification, students are in a dilemma to choose one particular qualification and this is large because of the close association in subjects that each accounting course or qualification has. There are so many courses when it comes to accounting like CA, ACCA, CPA, CIMA, and so on. The versatility of each course and the career options differ in each of them and that’s why many students find it hard to pick up one course and pursue a career in the same.

ACCA - one global qualification - a million opportunities :

Of all the accounting and finance-related courses, the ACCA course definitely holds a unique place in the minds of the students and no doubt, it is called the global chartered accountancy course. This course is internationally recognized and the career opportunities are plenty due to its vast coverage of all essential topics related to both finance and accounting. Those who aim to become a chartered accountant and also expand your career goals abroad, ACCA is the go-to choice.

For those who are tired of attempting the CA exams, the ACCA course is a boon because of its flexibility and the ease of approaching the exams when compared to the CA levels. Those who possess the required qualification are eligible to claim for exemptions and most importantly, one can pursue the ACCA course online at their own convenience. At 88learn, we have partnered with the best experts from Grant Thornton who handle multiple sessions. 

Why should you take up the CPA courses?

Till date, a certified public accountant is considered as the most trusted financial adviser because of rigorous training they undergo and for having met on-job requirements. 

With a growing economy and constantly changing business environment across the globe, the nature of job and responsibilities that are bestowed upon a certified public accountant varies in every country. In general, CPAs occupy various financial positions in startup ventures, multinational companies, and so on.

If you are planning to take up a career in accounting and are willing to expand your work base to foreign countries, CPA courses can do wonders for you. The CPA course is similar to the Indian CA qualification but CPA focuses more on the business standards of the US, US GAAP, IFRS, GAAS (Generally Accepted Accounting Standards), US Federal taxation and business laws that will definitely give an edge above the CAs. This is why the CPA course is well recognized in the US-based firms and private firms don’t require a CPA certification while public firms or those who are involved in accounting activities of businesses such as EY require the CPA certification.