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Advice For Upcoming ACCA Aspirants, How to Make Use of this Lock-down?

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Advice For Upcoming ACCA Aspirants, How to Make Use of this Lock-down?

Advice For Upcoming ACCA Aspirants, How to Make Use of this Lock-down?

The entire world is facing an unexpected atmosphere due to the COVID 19 scenario. So almost anyone and everyone are pushed to stay home and stay safe. So if you are a student or a professional, aspiring to become a qualified ACCA member, this lockdown period is a golden opportunity for you to make the best use of this time and dedicate this entire period to prepare for your ACCA exams.

First things first, you have to figure out as to why you want to take up an ACCA course. Focus on this very basic thought process as if you have a strong answer to this question, you will have a clear path that is ahead of you and all you need to do is only to start preparing for the course and take exams.

There are a lot of institutions that offer the ACCA course online. But it is your responsibility to find out the best learning platform so that you can be sure of the reliability of the learning resources like textbooks, study notes, question papers, and so on. If you are an ACCA aspirant, you should be aware of the fact that ACCA is a globally recognized qualification and it has been accepted as a legal qualification to practice chartered accountancy in almost 170 countries across the world. ACCA in Singapore has the best learning platforms as there are a lot of opportunities that keep coming in for qualified ACCA members.

Therefore coming to your preparation, how can you make use of this lockdown period? Here are a few points that may be of use to you during the course of your preparation:

  • Since ACCA, as a qualification does not demand you to take up classroom sessions or so, you are free to learn the course online
  • As mentioned earlier, this is the best time for you to focus on the online classes that your institution offers you during this period
  • Make sure you come up with a schedule so that you can stick to it with respect to preparation, be consistent in your efforts 
  • As all of you know, ACCA as a course is flexible in terms of the levels, examination pattern, relative difficulty level when compared to the CA exams, if you are constant in your efforts and dedication, you can definitely succeed
  • To make your work simpler, 88Learn is one of the best online learning platforms for the ACCA course. You can even take a look at their website for more details
  • With 88Learn you get comprehensive coverage of the course and all the learning levels are subdivided into topics that are loaded with quality video as the learning medium
  • You can learn from your home as this is the best time you get to focus on your lessons, revisit the topics that you need to, spend a lot more time on those topics that need extra hours of understanding
  • Take a lot of mock assessments and make sure each time you are able to take the assessment as if you are appearing for the final exam
  • Devote a lot of time in taking the assessment that 88Learn offers as they provide you with comprehensive and constructive feedback after each of the tests so that you can improve your core strengths
  • You can even do a video learning with your friends to make learning fun, share your learning tips with them, clarify doubts, and so on
  • Most importantly, stay positive and focused. This is the time you need to concentrate on your personal improvement and make sure you can do it with great commitment