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Is ACCA worth my career ?

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Is ACCA worth my career ?

Is ACCA worth my career ?

Anyone who is really passionate about accounting and finance will opt for qualifications in both areas. One of the most sought after and highly respected qualifications is the CA or the Chartered accountancy.

CA is considered to be one of the toughest exams and students get highly competitive when it comes to clearing the exams. But if you are looking to expand your career options globally, then you have to pursue the ACCA course.

ACCA is one of the globally recognized qualifications with respect to accounting and finance. There are about 170 countries across the world who accept ACCA qualified professionals to work in their reputed organizations.

‘If you dream big, you achieve big’, they say. With a lot of reforms in education and the global economy, you can realize your dreams of working abroad or seeing yourself as an Accountant manager in one of the top multinational firms.

Many of the students who wish to grow or excel in their finance-based career have been opting to study ACCA as their professional choice of course because of the following:

  • It is an international qualification that focuses both on accounting and finance
  • Opens to a lot of global career opportunities
  • It is flexible with respect to the examination pattern 
  • Consists of 2 levels while the CA exams have 3 levels

Rather than just settling down as a finance manager or an accountant, you can really expand your horizon and fly high by becoming a qualified ACCA member. 

Even the ACCA exams give importance to the application of the topics in real-time scenarios so students are exposed to a lot of business case studies and live examples that are going on around the world economy. This helps them become industry ready and employable in the near future.

Once you clear the ACCA exams, you can be open to choosing the following career options :

  • Management accountant
  • Consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Corporate finance expert
  • Subject matter experts
  • Financial planner/advisors
  • Auditor / tax consultant
Not only the above options, but you can also even set up your own firm and practise auditing, consulting and offer finance related solutions to corporates as well as business professionals. This will definitely give you a reputed outlook about yourself as well as your career.