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Qualities of an ACCA Trainers

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Qualities of an ACCA Trainers

Qualities of an ACCA Trainers

The ACCA course is internationally recognized and there are a lot of online coaching institutions who have partnered with the best learning providers such as Grant Thornton who are best industry experts to provide the ACCA course

What do you look for in ACCA trainers? Here are the following points that might help you find the best ACCA trainer:

  • First and foremost, the trainers have to be qualified and well experienced so that they can impart the knowledge effectively to the ACCA students 
  • The online tuition providers should be able to provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus so that the students are not surprised at the exam times
  • Engaging learning methodologies have to be adopted by the trainers so that they can help convert the student’s screen time into a valuable learning activity
  • Online mode of training has to be transformational so that it adds value to every day of the learning process 
  • The trainers should be able to impart video-based instruction that can help each student focus on their individual learning progress 
  • Trainers must have access to exam-specific resources such as technical articles, examiner reports, and so on that can support the learning of the aspirants
  • The trainers are viewed as education providers and they should equip themselves to the best education hub that is offered by authorized learning partners 
  • They should be a part of discussion forums, look out for extra resources that are provided by the education hub so that they can improvise their teaching methods
  • Any ACCA trainer should be able to transform the learning process into an effective learning activity because this is a competitive course and it involves a lot of strategy preparation and extensive practice of all topics
  • Mock assessments are an integral part of any online tuition provider and trainers should provide comprehensive feedback after each assessment so that students can focus on the betterment of their areas of improvement
  • The trainers have to ensure clarity of concepts so that students can keep track of their learning activity and reach out to their personal trainers in case of any doubts or clarifications
  • Take the help of ‘teach accounting’ which is the ACCA magazine for teachers of finance and includes the latest resources and guidelines on learning providers