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6 Best Places You Could Work With an ACCA Degree

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6 Best Places You Could Work With an ACCA Degree

6 Best Places You Could Work With an ACCA Degree

ACCA is a globally recognized qualification and once you get qualified with an ACCA degree, you will be thrown into a lot of opportunities. There are about 170 countries across the world that recognize ACCA and you can live and work in the country with your ACCA certificate of qualification.

ACCA is a course that covers almost all the aspects of finance and accounting which means once you are qualified, you can take up opportunities in finance or accounting that come in your way. 

Here are some of the countries you could work in once you become a qualified ACCA member:

  1. United States of America:

    The United States is always considered to be the land of opportunities and their currency has always a significant role to play in the global economy and in the stock exchange market. There is a lot of banking and financial institutions in the United States that offer good packages for qualified ACCA finance experts.

  2. Malaysia :

    Malaysia as a country has always been independent when it comes to economy and they strive to become a superpower with a lot of financial establishments and new MOUs signed with a lot of other countries and corporate institutions. As a country, Malaysia has been excelling in tourism, heavy equipment and so on. 

  3. United Kingdom :

    Just like the United States, the UK is another major hub for the economy and financial growth and development. There are many cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and so on. The UK has always given the tough competition in terms of its banking independence and financial policies.

  4. Germany :

    Germany is always addressed as a powerhouse of Europe with a lot of industries and manufacturing units. Berlin is rich by its own means and it offers excellent business opportunities to finance and accounting graduates. Education as a sector has witnessed a significant development in the years which has also paved the way for a lot of finance-related organizations to flourish.

  5. Singapore :

    Be it educational reforms or financial development, Singapore has always been in an evolutionary reform and they have establishments that have left so many countries in awe. ACCA course in Singapore has been the most sought after educational degree by students as well as many financial firms. Singapore is one of the very few countries that accept ex-pats from any number of countries and this is why there are a lot of educational institutions that offer professional ACCA courses.

  6. Canada :

    This is one country that has always astonished everyone around the world with their perfectly planned government regulations on economic and financial developments. Canada shows a lot of prospects for Financial managers and Accountants as they have been focusing on their economy and sustainability. Toronto and Quebec are two major cities with a lot of industrial establishments that offer the best employability features.