What are the factors needed to study for an ACCA course online?

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What are the factors needed to study for an ACCA course online?

What are the factors needed to study for an ACCA course online?

As we all know, the ACCA is a course that is flexible in terms of its examination pattern, the expectancy of application of the concepts, and so on. Most of the time, students can study the ACCA course online itself and this seems to be the greatest advantage for them. 

But it is equally important to pick the right platform to learn the ACCA course. In fact, there are a lot of online tuitions and institutions who have been offering online ACCA courses. Students get confused as to how to pick the right online institution so that they can come out with flying colours.

88learn.com is one of the best online institutions that has been offering the ACCA tuition online and a lot of aspirants have been trained by them to become successful qualified ACCA members. The following is a list of key factors essential to study the ACCA course online:

  • Comprehensive course coverage: ACCA as a course demands a lot of understanding of the concepts and it does not encourage rote learning at any point in time. The course curriculum is structured in such a way where students can gain complete clarity on the concepts so that they can become industry-ready. 88learn will ensure that you are well versed in all the concepts and topics.
  • Partnership with the best institutions: for any online tuition to be successful it has to have the best teachers who are highly qualified and possess several years of industry expertise. On this note, 88learn partners with the best industry experts from Grant Thornton who make themselves available to interact with students and handle sessions on various topics of the ACCA course.
  • Ultimate exam preparation: ACCA course requires a lot of preparation with respect to solving a lot of practice papers, previous year question papers, taking revision tests, mock assessments, and so on. 88learn conducts frequent online assessments after which students receive comprehensive feedback on how to improve their learning process.
  • Quality and affordable learning: 88learn aims to tap the benefits of technology and connectivity to help aspirants by providing quality learning videos for each topic of the paper. The best part is that each module is simply affordable such that you will definitely find a holistic learning package that comes from the best teachers across the world.