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Which is easier ACCA or ACA?

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Which is easier ACCA or ACA?

Which is easier ACCA or ACA?

The ACA is a qualification prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and it stands for Association of Chartered Accountants. It usually takes 3 years to 5 years to complete the course. 

In general, ACA is more suitable for people who would want to pursue a career in Auditing and Accounting. 

ACA has a lot of material to cover and it also involves a lot of effort as there would be a lot of concepts that have to be memorized by the aspirants. 

Both ACA and ACCA are courses that are of international repute and provide multiple job opportunities. Students generally get confused as to what should be chosen by them.

While ACCA is more comprehensive, it is a global qualification and an internationally recognized qualification. It widens up the areas of the syllabus into management accounting, finance, auditing, consulting, business management, and so on.

ACCA is considered to be equivalent to the CA exams prescribed by the ICAI. Before you want to know if ACA or ACCA is easier, try to be clear of your understanding of the core offering of each course. Spend a lot of time talking to experts and career counsellors before you jump into making decisions.

While the ACCA course has 4 levels to clear, ACA has 3 levels to complete, you need to invest a minimum of 4 years to complete ACA and you should have at least 450 days of relevant experience before you get your membership.

There are a lot of institutes that offer ACCA online courses so that students can learn from their own comfortable locations on their own devices. Considering the levels of ACCA course and its comprehensiveness in terms of the subjects, or the job opportunities, you might have to make a wise choice. 

ACCA is flexible when it comes to regulations where for ACA, you need to work for a minimum of 3.5 years in an ACA recognized firm and many countries in Asia do not recognize ACA as a legal qualification. But as you know, ACCA is accepted in about 170 countries across the globe and you are sure to find the best options when you become a qualified ACCA member.