Who can study the ACCA course?

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Who can study the ACCA course?

Who can study the ACCA course?

To be very specific, the ACCA course is always acknowledged as one global qualification that leads to a million opportunities. So ACCA is considered as the global CA qualification and anyone who is aiming to become a chartered accountant in countries other than India, ACCA is a mandatory course that has to be pursued.

Moreover, if you are someone looking forward to developing a successful career in accounting and business, with the skills required by the employers, ACCA helps you in achieving this. If you are looking for a course that can offer you the following points, then without any further delay, you can take up the ACCA course:

Aiming to be a part of multiple aspects of a successful business

Willing to take up the higher positions of an organization, or if you wish to climb up the top-level management

If you are looking for a career along with exciting growth opportunities 

Apart from all the above, if you are planning to expand your career horizons abroad and be a part of the financial and accounting activities of a multinational organization, ACCA qualification helps you realize this.

You can start your ACCA journey if you have five secondary school qualifications or if you have a relevant degree either in finance or accounting qualification from a recognized university or business school, you may not have to take all exams in the ACCA journey and you can claim for exemptions.

What if you do not possess any required qualification to take the ACCA course? Well, you need not worry, you can start your journey at a foundation level where you'll be rewarded a ACCA diploma in accounting and business when you pass. This foundation level will help you learn more from the base and you can be proud of the same. After this level, you can begin your journey to ACCA qualification.

One of the major advantages of this qualification is that you can learn the ACCA course online from your own convenient places and for this you can enrol in any of the ruptured coaching institutes that gives you lucrative opportunities to learn ACCA classes online from the best teaching experts.