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Why do you want to learn an ACCA course

Why do you want to learn an ACCA course

Every student or a professional who wishes to pursue their career in finance and accounting, will go through this stage of decision making: as to why should they choose an ACCA career?

So here are a few crucial factors that might compel or rather convince anyone to appear for the ACCA exams rather than taking any other financial exams: 

Global recognition :

        As we all know, ACCA is a global qualification. This is because it is internationally recognized and about 170 countries across the world welcome ACCA qualified graduates to be a part of their million-dollar organization. Anyone who aspires to become a chartered accountant, and wants to work in foreign countries, apart from India, ACCA course is the best choice.

The flexibility of the curriculum :

It is very well perceived that when compared to most of the financial competitive exams, the ACCA course curriculum and the examination pattern is flexible. There is no grouping of subjects as such and students need not have to take any special coaching to prepare for the exam. But there are a lot of options available to learn ACCA courses online. Some of the best online tuition providers like 88learn, VGLD partner with Grant Thornton to come up with the industry best teaching partnership.

One qualification - million opportunities :

As a course, the ACCA has been formulated to give a holistic learning experience to individuals, not only in terms of finance and accounting, but also in terms of strategic business management, business ethics, and so on. So an ACCA qualified member can work in the top management level of an organization as he is equipped with the required skills to manage any kind of business scenarios. 

Career prospects :

The various roles one could take up after qualifying the ACCA exams are chartered accountant, financial advisor, chief treasury officer, auditor, business analyst, financial analyst, accounting manager, chief financial officer, subject matter expert, tax consultant, financial planner, corporate advisor, and so on. Anyone who is keen to expand his or her career abroad and wishes to pursue their dream of occupying coveted positions in multinational organizations, ACCA courses are a boon. 

Personal aspirations :

Most of us get inspired by a lot of people around us and chartered accountant is one such prestigious position anyone could dream of. It is really worth all your time and effort that you put in your journey of becoming a chartered accountant, that too when it comes to building a career abroad, it is even more worth it. At the end of the day, all of us have to fight our own battles and never worry, the ACCA course will help you step up into a beautiful career.