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Why the ACCA qualification?

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Why the ACCA qualification?

Why the ACCA qualification?

In case you are entirely new to this topic, ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a global body of professionals in the field of finance and accounting. This group has a total of over half a million members across 170 nations around the world. This number is only going to grow. In order to become a member of the ACCA, you need to become ACCA qualified. Professionals having ACCA qualification are the most sought-after to work in top tier companies across the world. This is mainly because they will have a better understanding of how finance works for a particular nation and how the company needs to adapt accordingly.

It isn't a tough task to become a member of ACCA. You need to take up a series of written exams and prove your excellence in different subject matters concerning finance and accounting. The different topics part of the syllabus are business ethics, auditing, financial reporting, taxation and so on. It can be split into four main areas, namely Knowledge, Skills, Essentials, and Options. The main advantage of learning ACCA is that it isn't going to disrupt your work or study life in any way.

The exams tend to be a tad difficult, but most of them clear it within 3-4 years. With the right training and a focused approach, clearing the exams and becoming a member of the elite ACCA group shouldn't be an uphill task.

Before you start preparing for the ACCA exam, you need to figure out whether you need guidance or you can go about with self-learning. However, if you are well-versed with most of the topics concerning ACCA, it is better off you take up an online course or subscribe to online videos. By doing so, you can brush up the topics you already know pretty easily. If you aren't much proficient in most subjects, it would be ideal for you to opt for classroom sessions. 

If you have strong knowledge in a few subjects matters and not the rest, then pick up classroom training for the subjects you know less. However, online learning comes in as an ideal way to learn for most students. Since students need not travel distances, it contributes to a positive learning experience. Most students find it tiresome to travel to an institute and prepare for exams. This is why ACCA is preferable. 

If you are on the watch for the best online training for ACCA, make sure you do your extensive analysis. The experience of the online trainers, the effectiveness of the learning platform and the manner in which they handle doubts all matter. Take up a demo session and be the judge for yourselves. Even if there are tons of good reviews, it is important that you do the analysis all by yourself before jumping into conclusions.

Getting an ACCA qualification becomes easy or difficult depending on the guidance you get. Enroll yourself to the right training platform, solve previous year questions and work hard with dedication. Success shouldn't be far off.