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ACCA and Future of Accountancy

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ACCA and Future of Accountancy

ACCA and Future of Accountancy

ACCA and CA are most sought after examinations for anyone who loves to become a chartered accountant. Though CA is recognized by the Indian association, ICAI, ACCA is a globally recognized course and if you are looking for a finance-related career opportunity in abroad, then it is mandatory to clear the ACCA exams.

When it comes to ACCA, being an international qualification, it opens to a whole new world of opportunities both in Accounting and Finance. Many experts say that if you become a qualified ACCA member it means that you are industry-ready. The ACCA syllabus is also framed in such a manner that it includes all the industry-oriented subjects so that students are exposed to all topics.

Out of all the countries, ACCA in Singapore has been very welcoming among the students and the career opportunities are also increasing with a lot of organizations having to plan their financial statements or financial progression under the guidance of an expert. This is because ACCA focuses on the application of all the topics rather than just the theory part of it. This enables the students to have a deep understanding of how they might be expected to apply their knowledge into the work.

With technology, artificial intelligence, digital disruptions, and automation at its peak, there are a lot of revolutions that are happening in accountancy. There are a lot of tools and advanced techniques that can replace the traditional way of accounting, this will remove all the unnecessary repetitive tasks that were performed so that humans can focus on relationship management, strategy formulation, client handling and so on.

With data being the future, there are accounting information systems, financial information systems that use mathematical tools to integrate data and store it for further purpose whenever required. This ensures all the processes speed up with the use of analytical tools that help analysts to devise a proper planning strategy.

 Another major technology change is the blockchain technology which came into the picture along with bitcoin, this allows the real-time user access to the ledger and allows seamless data transmission between systems. Big four audit firms have already implemented blockchain technology in their processes.

You can study ACCA courses in Singapore with the help of classes and online video materials from the best institutes and the ACCA course will make sure that you are future-ready and you can make the best use of the course by putting in your efforts and giving your best.

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