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Scope of an ACCA in Singapore

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Scope of an ACCA in Singapore

Scope of an ACCA in Singapore

All of us know that ACCA is a globally recognized qualification for those who aspire to become a chartered accountant in multinational companies or any other overseas organizations.

With respect to Singapore, the demand for qualified ACCA members has been increasing over the years because of globalization and economic development.

The ACCA course in Singapore has been setting a benchmark to those who dream to pursue their career in the field of finance or accountancy or management.

When we broadly look at the scope of an ACCA member, the following could be the various options in terms of roles or fields where one can expect to work in:

  • Chartered accountant

  • Financial advisor

  • Tax consultant

  • Business analyst 

  • Accounts manager

  • Auditing consultant

  • Finance analyst 

  • Credit analyst 

  • Internal auditor

There are no limitations to your dream if you are a successful ACCA member because there are a lot of organizations who look for someone who can take care of their financial investments as well as their financial planning or forecast.


You can also become an entrepreneur by setting up your own auditing firm and you can coach other aspirants or you can work as a freelancer to various corporates by providing them assistance in their financial analysis. You can also partner with a lot of coaching institutes that offer the ACCA courses and become a tutor so that you get an opportunity to share your knowledge with the aspirants.

With respect to salary, the average package is about S$56k according to the reports from PayScale. This package includes those who work for the big four auditing companies. But as a few other organizations like Accenture, Keller Siber group and so on, are concerned, the pay range is not any less. 

You can even study ACCA online when it comes to ACCA courses and clear the examinations. There are a lot of universities and institutions in Singapore that offer ACCA courses online like ACCA Global, 88 Learn, London School of Business and Finance, Kaplan Singapore and so on. 

But make sure you complete your three years of work experience and get the practise certificate from ACCA, because this is when you can start working as a chartered accountant or an auditor in any of the organizations.

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