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Accounting Vs Finance - Which one to go for?

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Accounting Vs Finance - Which one to go for?

Accounting Vs Finance - Which one to go for?

Students who have an educational background in Finance are open to the following job opportunities :

  • Commercial banking

  • Financial planning

  • Investment banking

  • Money managing

  • Insurance and real estate

  • Credit analysis

  • Private equity

  • Sales and trading

  • Tax consultancy / management

A career in finance is always rewarding and attractive. With the right skills and professional approach, students can find the best platform in Finance to grow in the right trend. 

With respect to educational qualification in finance, students can take up chartered accountancy, bachelor of commerce, masters in finance and so on.

Finance based careers are also lucrative and most of the time financial managers are put to stress as they have to work on deadlines, work on budgetary planning and so on.

 If students wish to work abroad, in the financial sector, they can do the course ACCA online and equip themselves for a career in any of the multinational organizations. The ACCA courses are one of the globally recognized courses and it has a lot of scopes for Accounting as well as for Finance. 

When you are looking for a career in Accounting, you are open to the following options:

Accountants are an integral part of private, public and nonprofit organizations. Their job is much more than keeping an eye on tax returns and taxpayers. They provide expert advice to reduce the overall costs, enhance revenues and improve profits. 

As accountants and financial managers they are expected to have the following skills:

  • Good in numbers

  • Analytical skills

  • Attention to details

  • Willingness to learn

  • Strong managerial skills

  • Decision-making skills

When it comes to both financial experts and management accountants, it is required that they have analytical skills and proven managerial skills. When it comes to qualification, they can take the best ACCA Classes as this course offers a wide spectrum for both accounting and finance.

There are always good and bad sides of any career and similarly, it applies to careers in accounting and finance. It totally depends on the individual as to how motivated and updated they are when it comes to any career.