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How Difficult is Clearing ACCA Exams

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How Difficult is Clearing ACCA Exams

How Difficult is Clearing ACCA Exams

Many of the CA aspirants who wish to work abroad or pursue a career in finance or accounting, prefer to take the ACCA exams as it is a globally recognized qualification and it is considered to be equivalent to the CA exam.

When it comes to the difficulty level, ACCA exams are considered to be relatively easier than the CA exams. But then, ACCA exams can be cleared with proper planning and the right availability of learning resources. ACCA 

exams test the application skills of students and professionals and it focuses a lot on the understanding of concepts and its real-time applicability.

ACCA exams require thorough preparation strategies and there are a lot of reputed online learning institutes that offer comprehensive course coverage that enables students to get a wholesome learning experience. 

The following steps can help you clear the ACCA exams without any regrets:

Be clear of why you want to do ACCA: you should be clear as to why you would want to take up the ACCA qualification. Your vision in clearing the course has to be clear and your vision will take you towards the final results.

Have a proper understanding of syllabus and pattern: you need to be sure of the course syllabus and the levels and the papers under each of the levels. Only an understanding of the syllabus will enable you to focus on each of the papers and prepare accordingly.

Choose the mode of study: after you have understood the syllabus, the next step is to choose the mode of study, like online and offline classes or self-study. Both the online and classroom classes have their own pros and cons but if you have to learn ACCA in Singapore say, for example, there are a lot of reputed coaching institutes as well as online courses providing platforms and you need to choose wisely.

Preparation is the key: this is the best word that will suit you when you want to clear the ACCA exams and become a qualified ACCA member. You have to give your 100% to clear each of the levels and it is not difficult to clear ACCA if you can prepare consistently. Do not compromise on your preparation strategy and keep revisiting it as you start learning a new topic.

Make the best use of available resources: A smart way of preparation for the ACCA is to make the best use of all available resources, be it your time, learning material, and so on. One main idea here is to follow only one standard textbook for one particular paper as too many books might be misleading and will lead you nowhere. You can also stick on to one particular learning video for each subject that you are given accessibility to.

Allocate time for revision: as you plan for the exams, make sure you schedule a separate time slot for revision. Take small notes as you prepare and save them for your days of revision. Do not start with a fresh or new topic during your period of revision.

Take a lot of mock assessments: mock assessments can be taken from your online course provider itself, make sure you do not miss any of them as the mock assessments will give you a brief idea of the exam pattern and it is also a kind of self-analysis.