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How To Prepare For the ACCA Exam?

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How To Prepare For the ACCA Exam?

How To Prepare For the ACCA Exam?

All over the world, employers seek out ACCA members to lead their business to sustainable success. That’s because the ACCA members not only gain technical knowledge in accounting and finance but also gain valuable skills like high ethical integrity and strategic management in an organisation. It is an utmost aim for every ACCA student to clear their exams in their first attempt. It is not an easy road but definitely it’s a rewarding one. To begin on an optimistic note; whatever we believe ourselves, our ability comes true for us. Think positive and make yourself believe that you will pass this exam. By spreading positive vibes around you, the Universe will make things better for you. 

Moving on to the main subject of this article, the foremost thing you need to do is to plan your exams smartly. You must organise a study plan or a schedule with intermittent days for your revisions. You need to follow up systematically in order to get the best benefits out of it. Ensure that you also go through the previous question papers to get a proper idea of the ACCA exam. Understand all the concepts in the syllabus and become familiar with the exam structure. Try to take as many as possible notes like key ideas and formulas for your references. After completing each topic, attend mock test which is approved by ACCA in online mode. Do not study for hours and make yourself exhausted. All your hard work would go astray if you don’t utilize your time smartly. 

When it comes a week before your exam, all you need to do is Revision. You can make 2 or 3 attempts with the question papers under timed condition. This would help you a lot in which topics you need more revision. It will also help you to plan your time wisely in the real-time examination. It would make you feel calm and relaxed in the as you have already attempted 3 exams. Read examiner comments about papers and what examiner says about each question which is available on the internet. Get reviews about the exams from people who have already attempted and this would definitely help you to not make mistakes. On your day before the exam, consume proper hygiene food. Have a good sleep. Do not get much excited and lose your control. 

Finally, on the day of your exam, use your question paper reading time productively by understanding the question requirements and what exactly you needed to write. Do not exaggerate. Write your answers to the point and in a crisp manner. Be practical and apply your knowledge to the relevant questions. Since there is no negative marking, do not leave a question unanswered. Try to attend all the questions and if you find any question hard, attempt it in the end. After your exam gets over, don’t discuss your answers. If you find any answers wrong, you may feel disheartened and it will impact your other exams too. Feel self-satisfied and prepare well for the other papers. 

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