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What is the Future of Career in ACCA

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What is the Future of Career in ACCA

What is the Future of Career in ACCA

As we all know ACCA is a qualification that is globally recognized by many of the countries and as such a qualified ACCA member can get to work in about 170 global countries.

ACCA is considered to be the equivalent of CAs but when we talk about ACCA as a course, it is more flexible in terms of the subjects and examination pattern.

So what would be the future of ACCA? This is one big question that haunts the minds of every ACCA qualified member.

But ACCA has brought in a revolution with respect to accounting as well as finance in terms of career. I personally feel that the ACCA course is very forward-thinking. You will get to understand this if you take a look at the way the subjects are designed in the course. Even the examination focuses on the applicability of the subjects in real-time. 

This will make the students and aspirants employable and industry-ready is what many of the financial experts feel. So let’s explore the variety of career options that are available for an ACCA member:

- Accountant management

- Consultant

- Business analyst

- Corporate finance

- Financial planner/advisor

- Auditing / tax consulting

- Subject matter experts

All the above-mentioned options are with respect to global career opportunities. If you are really looking forward to bringing in changes in the financial side of an organization in terms of its financial planning, allocation of resources, providing optimum business solutions, and so on, then you should definitely consider doing ACCA courses.

You can even consider doing a full-time MBA after the ACCA course, but I would personally suggest that you take up an MBA only after you gain practical experience of 2 to 3 years with ACCA. 

You might be interested in knowing the countries that are really accepting ACCA professionals considering their global presence and economical developments. 

Here are a few top countries that are in demand qualified ACCA professionals:

Singapore - ACCA in Singapore has been evolving into a professional qualification that can be opted by many finances and accounting experts in the country

Germany - Cities like Berlin offer a huge scope for ACCA 

The UK - Many cities in the UK have been transforming the way finance and accounting options are perceived by bringing in ACCA as one of the essential qualifications

The United States: Always a land of opportunities in terms of the global economy and stock exchange

Canada: Many reports say that this country accepts a lot of ex-pats who are on their educational journey of becoming a top-notch professional in finance (planners, analysts, tax consultants and so on)