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Frequently asked questions on registering for an ACCA course

The minimum entry requirements for ACCA qualification are Two A - levels and Three GCSEs (or their equivalent) and they need to be in five separate subjects including English and maths.

Top 10 Job profiles to take up after doing ACCA course

There are a lot of options when you start exploring the ACCA jobs. As we all know, the ACCA course is globally recognized and it is one global qualification that opens up to a million opportunities across the world.

How Difficult is passing ACCA ? An honest review

As we all know, ACCA is an internationally recognized qualification and clearing the ACCA exams makes you a Certified Chartered Accountant as well as you gain the ACCA membership.

Which is the best accounting qualification in the world ?

If you are really passionate about finance and accounting, you will definitely have a complete discussion with your friends and network on which accounting or finance qualification to take up in order to progress in your career.

ACCA : Millions of opportunities - one global qualification

ACCA is considered to be equivalent to the Chartered accountancy, that is recognized by the ICAI

Why to join ACCA classes at 88Learn ?

Students get confused as to how to pick the right online institution so that they can come out with flying colours.

Why do you want to learn an ACCA course

Every student or a professional who wishes to pursue their career in finance and accounting, will go through this stage of decision making: as to why should they choose an ACCA career?

9 Crucial tips for US CPA Exam preparations

When one starts the CPA exam preparations in the right manner it not only helps boost the confidence level but also helps clear the exam in a shorter span of time.

How to learn effectively for ACCA exams ?

It requires constant effort and seamless preparation so that one can crack the ACCA exams. Here are a few tips that might help you on understanding how to learn for ACCA exams effectively :

Is ACCA internationally recognized ?

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global professional accounting body that offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification.

Qualities of an ACCA Trainers

The ACCA course is internationally recognized and there are a lot of online coaching institutions who have partnered with the best learning providers such as Grant Thornton who are best industry experts to provide the ACCA course.

Who can study the ACCA course?

To be very specific, the ACCA course is always acknowledged as one global qualification that leads to a million opportunities.

11 Easy steps to crack your ACCA exam

As we all know, ACCA is considered to be the global CA qualification as it is an internationally recognized qualification. There are about 170 countries across the globe who accept ACCA as one of the highly respected professional qualifications in the financial and accounting areas.

What are the factors needed to study for an ACCA course online?

As we all know, the ACCA is a course that is flexible in terms of its examination pattern, the expectancy of application of the concepts, and so on.

Struggling to clear CA? Look for ACCA Course

If you are someone who has a strong desire for accounting and finance, I’m sure you might aim to become a chartered accountant and serve in any of the big four financial and auditing organizations.

How To Prepare For the ACCA Exam?

All over the world, employers seek out ACCA members to lead their business to sustainable success. That’s because the ACCA members not only gain technical knowledge in accounting and finance but also gain valuable skills like high ethical integrity and strategic management in an organisation.

Which is easier ACCA or ACA?

Both ACA and ACCA are courses that are of international repute and provide multiple job opportunities. Students generally get confused as to what should be chosen by them.

Is ACCA worth my career ?

Anyone who is really passionate about accounting and finance will opt for qualifications in both areas.

What is the purpose of learning ACCA ?

The ACCA is truly an international qualification as it is recognized by over 170 countries as one of the legal qualifications and a qualified ACCA member gets to work in any of the countries that recognize ACCA as a professional qualification.

Find your ACCA teachers from Grant Thornton

ACCA is an internationally recognized qualification and a qualified ACCA member is considered to be equivalent to that of the chartered accountants in India.
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